Colours and bubbles help boost the kilometre count for our WWF Pledge.

As part of SBP’s 10 pledges for 10 years, nine SBPers and friends spent a Sunday morning taking on the Sydney Color Run. Every step we took helped boost the kilometre count for our pledge to walk, run and cycle 14,500km – the circumference of Australia – to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund.

We didn’t stay so fresh-looking for long and the pre-run dance party had us coloured up and raring to go.

The weather was cloudless and 21°C – perfect for a warm-up jog through the bubbles of the foam zone.

It was then on to doing our technicolour best to stay on course.

Dance beats and high-fives got us through the tough bits, and on to a final sprint to the finish line and our unicorn medals.

Josephine Phillips

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